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Spider Exterminator in Southern Utah | Bairds Pest Control

Spiders and Weather

Spiders have their purpose in this world, just not in your home. Spiders are common in homes during the Southern Utah warm weather, although they can be found indoors any time. Their numbers usually peak during late summer and fall, during their mating season. There are some spiders we need to be wary of: brown recluse, black widow, hobo and yellow sacks. Black widows especially like crawl spaces in homes.

How To Keep Spiders Out

Spider Exterminator in Southern Utah | Bairds Pest Control
  • Indoors, regular house cleaning provides adequate spider control.
  • Vacuum up the spider and its web.
  • Prevent clutter buildup that can provide hiding places.
  • Remove spider webs from the exterior of the house with a broom or high pressure hose.
  • Indoors, squash spiders or capture them in a jar and release them outdoors.

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If you find any sign of brown recluse, black widow, hobo or yellow sacks in your yard, home or office, immediately contact Bairds Pest Control exterminators for the best spider treatment for your home or business in Southern Utah. Our specialists are adept at recognizing the species involved, the severity of the problem, and any potential control or extermination.

One of our experienced specialists will visit your premises in Southern Utah and take time to inspect the critical areas and common habitats. Accordingly, our exterminators use only the most-advanced and the most-effective treatment to make your home, office and surroundings pest-free.

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